Our Approach To Custom Furniture Fabrication

  • Taking your ideas and bringing them to life
  • Hearing what your needs are from both a functional and aesthetic perspective
  • Creating your pieces in a streamlined fashion while always honoring quality
  • Building statement doors and furniture that compliment your home’s overall design

The opportunity to incorporate custom pieces in your home remodel or new build should be accessible and simple to bring to life. We take the guesswork out of custom fabrication by guiding the process and helping you take what’s in your head and bring it to life. Because we only source the best materials and build with pride, you can rest assured that your furniture pieces will become timeless parts of your home.

We Offer Much More Than Custom Furniture Fabrication

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Our Interior Design branch provides you the opportunity to create your dream home, either via remodeling or building, without the stress and overwhelm of having to determine design decisions on your own. Our team will hold your hand through the entire process of choosing floorplans, material selections, color palettes and more – all while allowing you to actually enjoy this aspect of your home transformation. With an attention to detail that extends into the communication and execution components of your home planning and design, you will love both the process and result of working with Studio A.

Studio A’s Private Collection of Furniture and Home Decor consists of carefully curated pieces that speak to the quality and attention to detail we pay to our home designs. We have brought a beautiful collection of home decor items to our region that cannot be found anywhere else. From stunning stone features to a gorgeous selection of rugs and so much more, you are sure to find the elusive design element you’ve been searching for within our Private Collection.